Please sign up for the waiting list.

Thank you for your interest in my services. I am pleased that you want to use my online reservation system. I am currently fully booked and therefore cannot accept new customers. The current waiting time is approximately 10 weeks.

If you’re willing to wait for so long, please sign up for the waiting list and enter that day’s date. You will regularly receive an email with the current information concerning the waiting list so you will be able to easily calculate for yourself when it’s your turn.

Once you are at the top of the waiting list, I’ll contact you. If you are still interested in the treatment, I will email you with the login password to my online reservation system after which you will have 48 hours in which to register. If you don’t respond, I will have to offer the appointment to the next patient on the waiting list.

If you require an appointment for birth preparation or pregnancy disorders, please write me an email. I will be able to treat you parallel to patients in practice II (45 minutes / CHF 120.-).


Thank you for your understanding.

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Waiting list

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