The first TCM practice for women’s health.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a successful and gentle method for the treatment of menstrual, pregnancy and menopausal disorders. Additionally, it can greatly improve male and female infertility as well as increasing the chances for a more gentle birth.

Birth preparation

Targeted antenatal acupuncture from the 36th pregnancy week strengthens and matures the pelvic floor in preparation for the birth. A shorter cervical opening time and the achieved relaxation of the muscles increases the chances of a gentle, quick birth.

Male and female Infertility

Every 7th couple suffers from involuntary infertility. Experience shows that 1/3 of the problem lies with the woman, 1/3 with the man and sometimes both together. Traditional Chinese medicine helps women obtain a regular menstrual cycle and improves the quality, appearance and mobility of the sperms in men. It has also been proven that TCM treatment increases the success rate of IVF and artificial insemination.>>

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual cramps are primarily caused by the body’s defence system which causes the womb muscles to contract whilst discharging uterine tissue. Secondary menstrual cramps are caused by gynaecological disorders such as endometriosis, myomas and ovarian cysts. Traditional Chinese medicine can be of assistance in these cases as well as PMS treatment (premenstrual synadrome).>>

Pregnancy disorders

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. For some, physical and psychological changes are evident. Others have absolutely no or very little difficulties. Morning sickness, backache and oedemas can be successfully treated with acupuncture and Tuina massage. Breech babies usually turn themselves after a moxa treatment. Acupuncture has also proven successful a thousand times over for birth induction.>>

Menopausal disorders

Menopause is not an illness which suddenly occurs but a natural biological process which begins in younger years. This process can often cause hot flushes, sweating, headaches, sleep disturbances and mood swings. From experience these disorders can be eliminated after 10 acupuncture treatments or at least substantially reduced.>>

30 years medical experience

I have been a freelance TCM therapist and acupuncturist SBO TCM since 1999. I have worked for several years in the University Hospital in Zürich (emergency operating theatre) and have a lot of experience in Chinese as well as Western medicine. As a mother of two almost grown-up sons I have personal experience in pregnancy and birth. >>

Attractive practice at the Kreuzplatz in Zürich

My attractive practice for TCM gynaecology consists of two treatment rooms, a WC with complimentary perfume, an office and a waiting room with free WLAN. Mineral water and various magazines such as Annabelle, Gala and Glückspost are at your disposal. I am located in the Neptunestrasse 61 in 8032 Zürich between Kreuzplatz and Römerhof. The tram stop Englischviertelstrasse is directly in front of my practice. Stadelhofen Station is just two tram stops away. There are more photos of my practice on FlickR.

A short video about my practice

Make an appointment straight away

My practice for TCM Gynaecology is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I am also at your disposal in the evening.

You can make an appointment for your chosen time right now easily and comfortably with just a mouse click.>>

You can read interesting case studies about how TCM has helped with menstrual, pregnancy, menopausal, fertility issues as well as with birth assistance in my blog.